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Hank's Speaking Engagements 2015

SEPA 2014 Fall Trends Conference
October 2015

Take a Deep Breath at Ventilators: Modes, Parameters and Alarms

Cardiovascular Drip - Part I

Cardiovascular Drips - Part II

Shedding Light on the Dark Shadows of the Chest X-ray: An Eye Towards Assessment

Cardiothoracic Trauma - Chest Pain Doesn't Always Mean MI!

Surfing the Abnormal WaveWaveforms of Hemodynamic Monitoring: From Ripples to Tsunamis.

Evaluating Pacemaker Function and the Impact on the Patient: The Good, the Bad andt he Ugly Rhythms

Speak Up and Speak Out! Sharing Your Nursing Knowledge with Others... From A to Z

Spinal Cord Injuries for the Non-Neuro Nurses: Understanding the Broken Connections from Head to Toe

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Understanding the Impact of Impacts on the Brain

MI mimics: It Looks Like an MI and Acts Like an MI, But Is It?

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